The writer's guide to character archetype creation. A companion to the book by the same name.


Let me introduce myself, I am a filmmaker, screenwriter and penniless globetrotter. I wrote my first feature screenplay when I was 8. The first course I took in screenwriting I took at the age of 12. Since then I have attended film school four times, studied computer science, written 12 feature scripts, 3 books and got married and had kids. I suffer from an artistic disposition, hence my opinions and my mouth have got me into trouble hundreds of times over. From staring down the barrel of an AK-47, to being taken hostage at gun-point, to being beaten up and left for dead so many times I have almost lost count - the things I have experienced often make me shiver. While I too, like Jung, am an Omnist, I found a better love and respect for people when I eloped to Taiwan, Republic of China, in 2002. From then on, everything in my life changed. I became a Buddhist, I felt love for my fellow man and woman, and I saw what a nasty little perspective on life I had had for too long.

I began life very working class, born into a working class home and all of my first jobs were manual laboring, cleaning out ashtrays and rubbish heaps. My life was so working class, even with an education behind me, I never thought I would get out of the blue collar trap. I have horror stories from my home country - Ireland, that I would not even wish on my worst enemy. But hey, what doesn't kill you 'eventually' makes you stronger. When I got my first office job (overseas), I didn't need to be asked twice if I wanted to think about it before accepting it. I became a technical writer apprentice and moved from promotion to promotion for 12 years. Eventually I closed that chapter in my life and dedicated myself to becoming a full time screenwriter.

But that was then. For 4 years now, I have been on a hiatus from screenwriting because my writing style was not politically correct and certainly not for the era we live in now. However, I found that whatever direction my life took, I could not get writing out of my blood. In 2012, I returned to Ireland and was concurrently doing two post-graduates, one at UCLA and one at Raindance. While I graduated from UCLA, happy with what I'd accomplished, I was flunking my way through my Master's and wondering why I had returned to film school for the fourth time. It was then that I asked my tutor if I could study Carl Gustav Jung in the context of a film degree. It was a very hard sell. But I sold them, and I surprised them. Four an a half years later I graduated with a distinction and a body of work that several tutors and mentors described as unique.

(For helping me get to where I am with this body of work today (amongst others) I want to especially thank Stephan Mallmann and Tiska Weidermann.)

Morphology of the Character Archetype was born in the Raindance MA course, but long after graduating it has life beyond it. While I stand on the shoulders of giants, I hope I have a portion of knowledge to add to the great global body of knowledge, that is of my own discovery. Hopefully you can enjoy and take something away from what I teach. The powerful play continues and I may have contributed a verse.